Welcome to Ryes ‘N Sons Ranch - a sportsman’s paradise, a family-friendly recreational ranch, the perfect place for a corporate retreat, or simply a place to get away from it all.  Located in South Central Val Verde County near Comstock, Texas, and on the west bank of the Devil’s River, Ryes ‘N Sons offers endless recreational opportunities and excellent wildlife habitat for just about anyone.  


With its extremely rugged terrain, deep canyons – Dark Canyon and Deadman’s Canyon – and the Caribbean-like waters of the Devil’s River, Ryes ‘N Sons ranch is a remote West Texas wilderness.  It is a thriving wildlife habitat for white-tailed deer, aoudad sheep, moufflon sheep, quail, turkey, and dove.  And for the past six years, all white tailed deer have been harvested under the authority of Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Managed Land Deer Permits.


Ryes ‘N Sons Ranch consists of 5,500 acres of open range including 1,000 game-fenced acres.  There are 14 deer blinds (75% of which are double blinds) and 19 timer-controlled feeders, including five 2,000 lbs. free choice protein feeders feeding from March 1st to September 1st.  There are 12 water troughs and one dirt tank, as well as an 8 x 12 cooler with a skinning facility.


So if you are looking for a little bit of relaxation or adventure, hop on one of the daily commercial flights to Del Rio and head to Ryes ‘N Sons Ranch…for an experience you will never forget!